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Bring your learning to life and rapidly transform your face-to-face courses with digital learning and an integrated virtual classroom


Optimize your workforce with rapid onboarding, experiential upskilling, and employee retention tools



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Spaces Learning™

is an AI-powered, fully integrated digital Teaching and Learning Experience Platform (LXP). It unifies content, collaboration, and experiential learning in a way that engages learners and increases the effectiveness of Onboarding, Upskilling, and Reskilling initiatives.

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Collaborative Labs and Virtual Classroom sessions empower community among learners

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Adaptive learning saves time and motivates learners by focusing on their skills gaps

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Workgroups – Hands-on Virtual Labs – Simulations – develop & reinforce new skills

Spaces Learning
optimizes corporate workforces

Spaces Learning optimizes corporate workforces


  • Digital recruitment
  • Evaluation Flow Assessment

Technology & Tools

  • Learning in the Flow of Work
  • Asynchronous + Synchronous
  • Top 20 Learning Experience Platform (2021)

Employee Retention

  • Emotional Quotient & Diversity
  • Communication Skills

Upskilling and Reskilling

  • Future-proof workforce
  • Experiential Learning

Rapid Migration

  • Migrate your existing F2F courses
  • Three steps in three days
  • WYSIWYG course authoring

LMS Integration

  • Use your existing LMS
  • SSO and Gradebook integration
  • Supports LTI, SAML, and xAPI

Experiential Learning

  • Hard skills: LiveLabs
  • Soft skills: Video Assessment

Upskilling and Reskilling

  • Future-proof workforce
  • Experiential Learning

Spaces Learning transforms traditional courses in higher education

Spaces Learningtransforms traditional courses in higher education

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Together, Toolwire and Avaya have built an integrated Workforce Optimization Solution that positively impacts overall operational efficiency by: Decreasing operating costs by reduc


Welcome! We are excited about the TICE Fall 2021 event and look forward to meeting you in our Virtual Booth or at one of our sessions.   Attendees can stop by our booth to discuss


Hands-on, interactive learning provides the quickest and most effective way to develop skills and ensure ongoing competency.


Virtual classrooms, digital mentoring, group projects, screen sharing, persistent storage, and recordings foster team building.

Blended Learning

Synchronous VILT, asynchronous on-demand learning and collaboration interact seamlessly in a cloud-based platform.


Personalized Learning

Adaptive learning plans save time and motivate employees by focusing on their specific skills gaps and goals

Video Assessments

Develop and evaluate soft skills for effective communication, empathy, and emotional intelligence.


Interactive tools to increase engagement, keep courses fresh and topical, and empower employees to take control of their learning journey.

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Who Are We?

Our Spaces Learning LXP is a fully integrated teaching and learning platform that is robust, adaptable, increases learner engagement and leads to better training outcomes.

Learning by doing provides the quickest and most effective way to develop skills and ensure ongoing competency with technology. The only way to bridge the gap between knowledge and real-world skills is with hands-on experience.

You will be amazed to discover how Spaces Learning complements and enhances everything you are already doing today to position your business for a better tomorrow.

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